• Torch (1959.033)



Torch/lamp,frosted glass flame shade and stand 'YMCA - the torch bearers' Wentworth County Canada. Made from a walnut tree that grew in Hamilton, and planted when just a village (about 1800). Purpose: to reach the largest members of teenage boys with a religious message. Each boy received a message from a Christian layman at his home centre and again at the centre to which he carried the torch. This has also been twice with the girls. Journey of the YMCA Torch: On Friday, February 28, 1927, Mr. H.W. Temple of the Wentworth County YMCA Board of Directors started the torch on its journey. It happened that the Westminster Abbey Choir boys were being entertained at the YMCA building, so the torch started by Mr. Temple presenting it to them, each boy in turn passing it to the next, and the last boy handing it to…..from the Trail Ranger Group at the Sanatorium. Since then: 1. It has travelled twice over the country. 2. Has visited 36 centres in the County, paying a second visit to 29 of these centres. 3. Has travelled 700 miles. 4. Has never been taken in a vehicle, but has been transported on foot from centre to centre, rain or shine on schedule. 5. Has journeyed once out of the County to Camp Tekahoinwake. 6. Seven hundred and thirty two boys, and 654 girls have carried the torch. 7. 9491 have attended the 63 public meetings of the Torch. 8. 54 Christian men and women have given addresses at these meetings. 9. 653 boys and girls have taken part in these public meetings. 10. Girls have carried the Torch eleven times in the rain, the boys six times.